Female Condom

Female Condom

Female Condom

What is it?

  • A female condom is a soft, loose fitting polyurethane pouch. It is larger and looser than the male condom with a closed end that fits over the cervix, inside the vagina.
  • It is approximately 3 inches in diameter and 6 to 7 inches long and looks a bit like a miniature wind sock.
  • There is an open end that is made to hang slightly outside and helps to protect the lips of the vagina. The female condom has two flexible rings; the smaller ring that fits on the cervix and the larger ring that hangs outside the vagina and covers the lips (vulva).
  • The condom is lubricated form the inside.
  • It is stronger than latex and has less pores and tears less easily than the latex condom
  • Like the male condom, it is meant for one-time use.
  • You do not need a prescription to buy the female condom and anyone can purchase it from the drug stores.

How do I use it?

  • Browse the instructions that include it before using it thoroughly
  • The shut eliminate of the feminine condom is made to match over the cervix, and the open up eliminate ring addresses the lips of the vagina. To place the feminine condom, pinch small ring at the shut eliminate of the condom in the middle of your thumb and middle finger.
  • You may put in a drop or two of extra lubricant to the exterior of the shut eliminate of the condom to create it simpler to insert but understand that too very much lubricant can make it hard to understand the ring firmly.
  • Put the condom in so far as it shall go. Make sure it generally does not twist and that the external ring is hanging beyond your vagina. It could be inserted up to 8 hours before having sex anytime.
  • If you are unfamiliar with your vaginal anatomy, take a look before you try inserting the condom. To do this, you may use your middle finger to find your cervix at the upper end. The cervix feels somewhat like the end of your nose, and it is about 3 inches from the vagina’s opening.
  • Do find a comfortable position such as sitting on the edge of a chair with your knees apart, or sit on the toilet, or lie on your back.
  • Using your finger spread the lubricant evenly on the inside of the long pouch, from bottom to top. The lubricant is designed to make the inside of the condom feel similar to the normally lubricated vagina. You may even place a drop of lubricant either on the end of the male organ or at the starting of the condom. It could produce using the condom convenient also. The manufactures provide a little bottle of lubricant with the container of condoms.
  • When the person is inserting, if the penis will not slide in and out during make use of easily, you can add even more lubricant from the excess supply in the bundle. It really is good to steer the penis inside together with your hands also
  • Usually do not use both the feminine and male condoms simultaneously.
  • After the guy has ejaculated, stick to your back to remove the condom. You may do that by squeezing and twisting the outer ring. Carrying out this prevents the semen from leaking.
  • Grab the condom out and wrap it in a paper gently.
  • Discard it in the trash may.
  • Usually do not flush condoms down the toilet.
  • Don’t utilize the same feminine condom more often than once.

What are the benefits of female condoms?

  • The polyurethane material creating the sheath of the feminine condom better compared to the latex and will not allow penetration of the sperm, bacteria and viruses
  • The outer and internal ring prevents contact between your male organ and the vagina
  • Female condoms give females more control over safeguarding themselves from pregnancy, STIs, warts, herpes and HIV. By having it inserted independently, they do not need to convince somebody who could be unwilling to use a condom
  • It is certainly an alternative for individuals who are allergic to latex
  • It is less inclined to tear just like the male latex condom
  • You only utilize them when you need them.
  • Some women found that the ring part of the condom that lies outside the body tended to stimulate the clitoris, adding to their pleasure
  • You can put the female condom in place up to 8 hours before intercourse
  • You do not need a spermicide for extra safety.
  • It is stronger than latex and has less pores and tears less easily than the latex condom
  • It is easier for a woman to empower herself by using the female condom than trying to convince the males to wear a condom
  • It is not affected by some oil based products such as Vaseline
  • When it was tested in actual use, about 30% of the men said they preferred the female condom over the male condom because it was roomier and that it felt more natural to them because the penis could move freely in and out.

What are the disadvantages of female condoms?

  • Some women and men find it uncomfortable to use
  • It costs a lot more than the male condom
  • Some people find the appearance of the female condom unappealing or awkward, especially when using for the first time.
  • If lovemaking is usually lengthy, the lubrication may get used up and the polyurethane will become somewhat dry. Some condoms come with extra lubrication just incase
  • If not well guided by the lady, the penis goes in next to the condom instead of inside the condom.
  • The typical use failure rates are 12-22% for female condom
  • Some women find them hard to put in.
  • Some women statement that the condom could be noisy at period. That is when the lubricant inside isn’t spread around the external expire or if it’s not enough evenly

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