Valentines Day time: A complete woman’s guide

Valentines Day time: A complete woman’s guide

Valentines Day time: A complete woman’s guide

Read Valentines Day: A complete woman’s guide first.

How to look good for him, on this day

Let’s put it plain, Men have many traits in common;

  • They love their cars
  • They like to look at good breasts
  • They scan the best hips in the neighborhood
  • They love cute faces and the hair too.
  • Read the book of Solomon

Men are visual creatures by all means. Ever wondered why beer commercials have contents with the best hips and legs? The sexy connotations are not taken for granted. In her book called; Find a husband after 35, Rachel Greenwald advises women to wear dresses at all times. Studies prove that men love to see their women in dresses. With these parameters, you can use them to spice up your love. Remember, once in his eyes, some things are hard to forget. If you are walking down the streets with him and he notices a cute woman with a great body, this will linger in his mind for a while, if not a long time. You must erase it immediately. Tell you the truth, if you don’t erase it, and it happens over and over again, one thing will remain to be true; that the reason he is with you is that he can’t do better!

Here is a how to erase it

Your mouth

This is one area you may work on before Valentines Day. If you smoke, eat raw garlic or onions, chew herbs avoid them. Halitosis is a sin in terms of romance and sensual dates. If you have to get closer to him and be sensual, invest in a good toothbrush, buy a new one, get Listerine mouth wash and carry some mints when you are with him. By the way, chewing loudly with a new date (as he is not used to your manners) could cost you that relationship.

The hair

The long hair, men love ponytails, it makes them think of sex because it exposes the back of the neck, very sensual. It starts in childhood. Ever wondered why little boys would grasp the ponytails in class and play around them? Its not that they like the gals with them; nobody understands why they like them. It prevails into adulthood.

Majority of men love to concentrate on the hair. Avoid fake hair, hair that is too good to be true. It’s a turn off. Cheap wigs, poorly made hairstyles, non-matching add-ons are a complete NO, unless you are meeting this guy at night as a camouflage. Natural hair is far much better. Long hair works wonders

The breasts

Have an artificial, real or whatever kind of augmentation. If you can go for surgery before Valentine’s Day, Do it! If you can get those pads, augmenting bras… do it. Make sure that he sees you, not the figure down the street. One caution, do not do things that won’t last long. Once you start, maintain it for ever. Remember, you must erase the figure of a woman he fantasizes all the time from his brain. Read about the top sexual fantasies in men

The skin

You should have done this from time immemorial. There are many commercials about herbal creams, beauty shops and many more. Get those stretch marks off his eyes. Many products available can remove these marks. Remember, the looks matter a lot in spicing up your romance, you don’t gain these years after and expect him to live by it.
Men fantasize a lot, and it could be that women with cute legs, skin, what ever that is in his mind!

The figure

Just avoid too much fat. We have gyms available at affordable rates, that apple figure could also lead to heart disease. Tone it down. You may not be able to do this in just a few days. With Valentines Day coming big, you could camouflage this by the type of dress you wear. One of the most important factors is to finds out what he likes to look at, and major in it for that time. If it’s the hair, then spend a good amount of cash and time on it, if it’s the dress, then don’t dress cheap. Remember, dress to kill! Ever wondered why Marilynn Monroe is famous? It’s not the media, it’s the body!

The cologne

Cheap is expensive, it will cost you. Wear the best cologne that will get him hooked to you. During the mating season, in the animal world, female animals use pheromones to attract the males. This is the wild cologne. And it works. The alpha male has his day. Humans have evolved from that but still have the sense of smell. Don’t turn up on the very day having not showered or smelling sweat. If he sticks with you it will be for one thing. Not romance. Learn to package yourself as sexual bait with provocative clothing, perfume, lipstick, and make-up. You have to exert some psychological control, and by so doing, you will manipulate his mind into giving you what you want most.


This is where problems start. Avoid cheap or borrowed stuff. Visit Victoria secrets, Woolworths, Trueworths and 4U2 shops for the best lingerie. And by the way, wait till the right time to have it on. Make sure it fits, the hem lines are correct and no torn stuff, that is a complete put off. If you are married, then he probably has bought one for you. No matter what you think, that’s his choice, respect it and wear it. He likes it that way, not your way. Never ask fellow women about tips on these. Find out from the men themselves. If you do (ask the gals), you could get tips from what your grandmother does.

The shoes

There are quite a number of acrobats in town trying to fit in high heeled shoes. This is not the time. First of all you will get sores, painful toes and such like. In fact the pain would divert your attention away from the then activities. Just wear what fits and what you are used to, but try the heels. They help spice up your figure and the men (as always) will be looking up at you. Especially as you walk away. Try something that matches with the dress. Be unique.

The date

In his book, the women men adore; Bob Grant states that “if the man is the head, then the woman is the heart” both cannot be equal. He states that each partner in a relationship tends to confuse equal with familiar. The partner wants to treat each other in a way that is familiar to him or her, giving an impression that they are both the same person. In this case, if a woman demands tones of respect, it becomes very hard for the husband or boyfriend to cherish her. In relationships, complements-not equals- work well together.

In complementary couples, each individual brings a unique set of characteristics in to the relationship with the other person and these produce a relationship that is fulfilling. It is your turn in this setting to allow him to be the head, the alpha male. A few things are important;

  1. Smile always. Men love those dimples, the lip gloss. Do an exercise, Just wear one then kiss a man’s (someone you know) shirt. Then follow up the following morning about what happened when he was changing his shirt. Competition hates to see this stuff on shirts. They are inspected thoroughly everyday.
  2. Let your personal space be his. Let’s put it this way, if someone moves close to you, he is invading your personal space, if he moves even inches closer, he is inside your private space. That’s what you need to do, let him have your private space
  3. Be calm, especially if it is your first date, which allows him to be confident and makes you attractive. A nervous looking gal sends different signals.
  4. Listen to your heart. If you become less confident, criticize your heart for mistakes or things you could have done in the past, you may end up blaming yourself. If you are nervous, take a deep breath. Remember deep chest breathing kills off most of your anxiety.
  5. Focus. Are you just after him, or you want to do what the rest are doing? Being focused helps you avoid the worst and prepare your heart to handle any misfortunes. Be alert for the presence of predators, manipulators and such types of men who want to use you (by taking advantage of the occasion) then dump you the following day. It’s not worth it.
  6. Don’t pick calls during the date. It’s your time with him.

Finally, expect the best. It’s good to be optimistic in life. Have a good time

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