Minor Complications during Pregnancy & management

Minor Complications during Pregnancy & management

Minor Complications during Pregnancy & management

There are a few minor complications that can occur during and after childbirth.  Many of these last the whole pregnancy and are accompanied by other problems.

Morning sickness:

The condition, which can range from feelings of nausea to continuous vomiting, can occur at any time of the day or all through the day.

For some women it lasts throughout the pregnancy, but for most that have it usually fades after the third month.


  1. Healthy eating – fruits and vegetables
  2. Exercise.
  3. Taking Sips of hot Water before walking up form bed or biting some biscuits between meals
  4. Eat small amounts of food regularly, drink lots of fluids, and avoid foods that make you feel nauseous.


  • The bowel absorbs more fluid during pregnancy and food moves slower down the intestines.
  • This can lead to constipation which can in turn trigger haemorrhoids – protrusions from the anus which bleed and can be painful and itchy.

NOTE Pregnant women with constipation are discouraged from taking laxatives.


  1. Eating lots of fruit and vegetables, and drinking plenty of fluids
  2. Exercise regularly,
  3. Avoiding standing still for long periods.
  4. There are also creams and suppositories on the market which lessen the irritation caused by hemorrhoids.


    • regular exercise
    • avoid long periods standing still, sitting with crossed legs and wearing tight-fitting underwear
    • sit and sleep with your feet up
    • avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy
    • use ice packs


Sudden muscle spasms it mostly occurs at night and can be extremely painful.


Massaging the affected area – often the feet – can help, as can flexing the foot and regular exercise.

Indigestion and heartburn

Indigestion can be due to hormonal changes in the early stages of pregnancy.

In the later months, it is likely to be a result of the foetus pushing the stomach upwards.


  • Eat little and often, instead of big meals, avoiding fatty and spicy food and sitting up straight when eating.
  • Heartburn is as the result of the relaxation of muscles at the stomach opening which  causes excess acid in the stomach.
  • It is most likely to occur when lying flat so sleeping with feet propped up and avoiding food for two or three hours before going to bed.


Ligaments become looser during pregnancy in preparation for labour, but this can put more pressure on the lower back and pelvis, causing backache.

This is likely to increase in the later stages of pregnancy as the foetus gets heavier.


  1. Avoiding lifting heavy objects,
  2. Keeping the back straight when lifting objects,
  3. wearing flat shoes and sitting with the back well supported.
  4. Exercises which involve arching the back can also help.

Other complications include:

  • faintness
  • needing to urinate often (caused by the baby pressing on the bladder)
  • bleeding gums (due to hormonal changes)
  • stretch marks, swollen feet (due to water retention)
  • vaginal discharge
  • Headaches.

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