Men: 4 Things You Must Check With Your Doctor

Men: 4 Things You Must Check With Your Doctor

Men: 4 Things You Must Check With Your Doctor

Lifestyle is changing fast as well as the diets we have on a daily basis. These have a direct bearing on our health except for the genetic messages that we transfer to our offspring in the years to come.

We may not have much influence in the genetics but our own health matters a lot and how we manage it. A simple visit to a doctor may reveal a lot about you, especially if you have any family history of genetically related conditions. In this day and age, doctors are now recommending frequent health checks, just to keep everything in order.
Picture this, have you ever run down your car all year round, with no trip to the mechanic for fuel filter check, or tire check or change in the engine oil. We spend so much ‘pimping our rides” than we spend on our health. Well just as much as we spend on the rides; let’s take time to pimp our bodies, for once. Periodic health checks in the following body systems are recommended.

The Eye check up

  • The healthcare provider will check for any vision problems such as far or nearsightedness.
  • Eye muscle disorders tend to be common and need to be looked into too.

It is important to note that any history of conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism or a family history of glaucoma plays an important role in the way you think about your eyes. Can you drive at night with no headlights on? That’s what it means. See you nearest ophthalmologist.

Dental Examination

  • It has always been known that women crave for chocolate and those sweet things on the supermarket counter. Well, men are also catching up too. We eat too much sugary stuff, fail to clean up our teeth and end up with tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental conditions. Do you know that some bacteria affecting your teeth will have a direct effect on your heart?
  • See a dental practitioner for tips on dental cleanup, flossing, dieting and many more. Some dentists will check you up for early signs of oral cancer.

The men at risk are those who smoke or chew tobacco or Khat and those with poor oral hygiene.

Blood Pressure Measurement

What’s your blood pressure reading? High blood pressure leads to pathologic effect on many body systems including your heart, eyes, brain, kidneys and even the nerves. The best reading should be 120mmHg in systolic and 80mmHg in diastolic. Doctors advise that the highest normal range should be at 139/89 with some authorities saying that as high as 139 means you are a pre-hypertensive. Have a pressure check yearly.

The men at risk include those with a family history of high blood pressure, heart or kidney disease, stroke, overweight or obese ( BMI of >25), history of diabetes and those who smoke or use tobacco products. By the way impotence comes with situations of high blood pressure; either directly or by use of some of the antihypertensives!

Cholesterol Test

If you never knew this, Low density lipoproteins (LDL-cholesterols) have been know to pile up in the walls of blood vessels, especially the heart vessels. These end up clogging the coronaries or sending emboli to distant vessels. This means that you can easily get a heart attack due to this. You need to have a check up on this and get the best advice on diets that reduce these fats building up in your body. You will be advised on your risk levels.
Those men who are at risk include those with a family history of heart disease; men who suffer from diabetes; the obese men, men on a high fat diet, sedentary lifestyle and those who smoke or use tobacco products.

Colon and Rectum Examination

You may have heard of a joke about who is the best part in the body. It may have started with the heart bragging that he sends blood to all other relatives and he could shut down killing all. The lungs did the same threatening to shut down the oxygen supply, the same to the kidneys, the eye, and the brain bragging that he sends messages warning the rest of their surrounding. Then entered the lower gut ally called, the colon, with one simple message; as the sewerage works specialist, everyone better keep cool or he will shut down. The message was crystal clear. Imagine having problems in this area with conditions such as the cancer of the colon, rectum, and the prostate.
You need to have a regular rectal examination performed by hand by a qualified health specialist, stool tests such as fecal occult blood test and a check on any parasites in the stool. The doctor may also perform other checks such as sigmoidoscopy and possibly a prostate specific antigen test (PSA) to rule out prostate cancer.
The men at risk include those with a family history of colon or rectal cancer; men diagnosed with intestinal polyps or ulcerative colitis. Men of African origin are at a higher risk of prostate cancer. If you are over age 50 years of age, you must have these checked. A rectal examination is done in men to rule out prostate cancer. The prostate is best palpated from the rectal side.

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