Heard about yips?

Heard about yips?

Heard about yips?

Just about everyone has had moments when we get nervous breakdowns especially when we need to rise up to the occasion. School students sometimes exhibit this kind of tension during exams; actors get stage fright before an audience and sportsmen may get the yips when competition is high.

The yips refer to unintentional muscle movements especially when sportsmen need to perform maneuvers that require precision. These involuntary muscle motions occur in little muscles and are known as muscle spasms usually. It impacts players of varied sports like cricket, darts and golf and is grounds that sportsmen eliminate their professional careers sometimes.

In golf, yips are seen as a muscle twitches or spasms when golfers are trying to putt. Due to the distraction due to the shaking in the hands and wrist, this inevitably necessitates even more strokes than are necessary for the average 18 hole rating. That is common when playing big tournaments or playing against extremely competitive or seemingly best players in the overall game. Research has demonstrated that nearly 50 % of golfers have observed the yips. A few of the elements that may boost the possibility of a golfer obtaining the yips are:

  • Excessive utilization of certain muscles: it’s understandable that golfers with an increase of experience are even more at risk than people that have less experience
  • Players with a lesser handicap
  • The elderly: This can be as a result of biochemical adjustments in the brain as you grows older

Although the specific reason behind yips is not ascertained, the etiology is graded to be possibly neurological or psychological:

  • Neurological cause: The many probable theory is certainly that of focal dystonia. That is a condition that’s seen as a uncontrolled contractions of a muscle tissue or band of muscles because of misfiring of neurons in the mind. Consistent make use of of a particular group of muscles (for instance in the wrists and hands of golfers) and anxiousness are thought to make it worse.
  • Mental cause: Anxiety while under great pressure may interrupt concentration and disrupt co-ordination making the condition worse.


We wouldn’t recommend any medicine for yips; the issue may accrue to your brain and some behavioral changes can do the trick:

  • Since the steady utilization of a particular band of muscles can be an aggravating element, changing one’s hold while putting can help. Try and contain the club in a manner that will rest the hands and wrist muscle groups which would in any other case be tensed up.
  • A longer putter might help in attaining the above by using the arm muscle groups and easing through to the hands a wrist muscles.
  • Any of the popular anxiety and stress relieving techniques could possibly be used to rest kinds muscles and brain. These can include relaxation techniques like massages.

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