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Alcohol overdose

Alcohol overdose

Alcohol overdose


Poisoning from ingestion and overdose of ethanol (alcohol). It is rapidly absorbed from the stomach and small intestine. It is distributed uniformly to all organ systems, including the placenta if present. Most alcohol is metabolized in the liver.

As the blood level rises, the patient’s level of consciousness declines, that eventually ends in coma. Death is caused by aspiration or respiratory depression.

Physiologic Effects and Blood Alcohol Levels include:

There is a rapid and respectful screening test for alcoholism using the four CAGE questions presented as:

  1. Have you ever felt the need to Cut down on your drinking?
  2. Have you ever felt Annoyed by the criticism of your drinking habits?
  3. Have you ever felt Guilty about your drinking?
  4. Have you ever felt the need to drink an Eye opener in the morning?


Alcoholic beverages

Symptoms of alcohol overdose

Before Calling Emergency determine the following information:

i)The patient’s age, weight, and condition
ii)The name of the product (ingredients and strengths if known)
iii)The time it was swallowed
iv)The amount of drug swallowed

Call Emergency lines

911, 999, 112

Home treatment

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