19 Mistakes Men Make During Sex

19 Mistakes Men Make During Sex

19 Mistakes Men Make During Sex


This is for you men. And women who have guys who just wont get it, so that they can pass the message to them. Much as it is said that life is all about making mistakes and collecting bruises, learning from them, becoming transformed by them, some things are better learned once, even before making the mistakes. Men, lets admit that we will; change and do things better…no we will do things the right way. I have collected a few issues from women who during my practice and interaction with them, have candidly shared some of the crimes committed against them. Here are a number of them.

These are the crimes

  1. At first sight, you head straight to the groin. I wondered whether the name dogs came from
    this. Dogs at first sight will end up there, happy to see you back form where ever you have
    been. Women expect a kiss at first meeting ( OK this is for couples, pls don’t head for mouth to
    mouth with strangers). Avoiding her lips and heading straight to the 1% region as my colleague
    would call it makes her feel like she is not valued. Give her a proper passionate kiss as the
    Ultimate form of foreplay.
  2. Not calling her during the day. This is very common. Men a culpable in this by all means and expect it to be ok during the romantic moments. They say foreplay starts in the morning, or when you are leaving for work. As you part way in the morning, say goodbye with a kiss and immediately send her an email to her work address o leave a voice mail telling her how you miss her. That sets the ball rolling.
  3. Messing up her hair and massaging her roughly. You’re attempting to give her a sensual, relaxing massage to get her in the mood. Hands and fingertips are OK; If she has long hair, take time to brush with long slow strokes especially after she has had a shower or getting ready to bed.
  4. Breathing through her ear drum. There’s a clear difference between being erotic and blowing as if you’re trying to extinguish the candles on your 40th birthday cake. That hurts.
  5. Maintaining your shrubs. You must shave it off. Much as porcupines have their own means of romancing, remember she is human and steer clear of exposing her to your chin which you rake repeatedly across her face and thighs. If you have seen her turn her head from side to side, it’s not that she is fine, or having some passionate ,moments with you, it’s avoidance.
  6. Kneading her breasts and biting nipples. Most men still carry some traits from childhood, the attachment to the breasts. Please remember that those glands are heavily wired with nerve endings for touch, pain, and pressure. That makes them uncomfortable when you act like you are testing some oranges for ripeness. Do this; just gently stroke, caress, and smooth them, it takes them there. Never bite her nipples as if you are trying to deflate some balloons. Most nerve endings are located there and that increases the sensitivity. The best proven way is to lick, suck and flicking your tongue across them.
  7. Ignoring other body parts. Try to explore the who package lie you have just received some Christmas gift and you are trying to find a place to open it up. A woman is not a three point pit stop; Breast-ville East and West, and the subway tunnel. Other areas of her body are important too and may give you the same results.
  8. Unwrapping the gift awkwardly. Like the x-mas present, please find a gentle way of opening up the gift with a mind that you are environmental friendly and you will recycle the wrapping paper. That paper is her clothing. Another mistake comes with undressing prematurely. Always obtain consent for all procedures performed on them. Remember she will have to use it later. Be gentle.
  9. Attack on the clits. Too much direct pressure is painful and unpleasant. Be soft and try to caresses.
  10. Coming too soon. In fact this where the complaints come from. Women are not industrial plants, where the men stuff in the oil pipe ( penis) and pump in all the oil in to the plant and drop deada  sleep! Premature ejaculation is associated with ED, work on this. Build up slowly in sync wit her and take her there.
  11. Having a commercial break. Men are created differently. They can climb or near the climax, pause, then continue. In fact multiple orgasms happen this way. Women, unlike men, don’t pick up where they left off. When you stop, the go to have a drink or pick up a phone call, that it, they plummet back to square one very fast. If you can tell she’s not there, keep going at all costs, numb jaw or not. Please try and take her to climax,no matter what. Try to practice it. Most men would drop off dead asleep after the action with the lady wondering what’s up.
  12. Rough rides. Just be cause there are screams or near screams doe not mean you are the man. You could be causing some damage by going too hard especially when she is not ready or lubricated. If you are too heavy, try different styles. Lumping your whole body on her will turn her blue.
  13. Not coming too soon. Don’t think that because you thrust for an hour without climaxing is the mark of a Sex god. To her it’s more likely the mark of a numb vagina. You could just get her some wall hangings, so she has something to hold her interest while you’re on cross country business.
  14. Porn templates. Never use porn styles on her. In most scenes, the  women seem to love it when men ejaculate over them. In real life, it  means more laundry to do, more explanations to give too.
  15. Attempting anal sex and pretending it was an accident. This is how men earn a reputation for not being able to follow directions. Please ask before doing it and don’t think that being drunk is an excuse.
  16. Arranging her in weird poses. This is not a mannequin. If she wants to do advanced yoga in bed, fine, but unless she’s a Chinese gymnast, don’t get too ambitious. Just do what both of you are able to manage.
  17. Performing rectal examination. Read this carefully: Anal stimulation feels good for men because they have a prostate. Women don’t start looking for her prostate.
  18. Barking instructions. Please leave this to Sir Alex Ferguson.  It’s a big turn-off.
  19. Talking dirty during the action. If you have never done this before and especially if your spouse comes from a religious background, you have some explaining to do. If she wants  nasty talk, she’ll let you know

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